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Tour includes revenues, meals, hotel Minimum passengers 2 for start of tour

Day 1: We pick you up at your home at approximately 10:00, and give you a tour of the Azapa Valley where you can see the geoglyphs on the slope of hills called the Tropilla, then visited the archeological museum of Azapa, and We know about the culture in northern Chile, and chinchorros mummies then climb to 1,000 meters and have a panoramic view first delvalle Azapa and then a panoramic view of the valley of Lluta where we will visit the village of Poconchile where is located the Church Jerome the first of this region; continue up and stopped at the gorge of thistles and observe the typical cactus of this area (2500), called cactus candelabra we continued with the Tour
The next stop is at the pre-Inca fortress called Pukara Copaquilla, where we will have the opportunity to see the cliff and deep pre-Andean valley with the same name, we will see the pre Andean valley in the mountains, time for lunch . After this we will visit the Valley Socoroma 3,000 meters. Optional lower walk by Inca trail, you can visit the old city and we can see the pre terraces - Incas, visit the church of St. Francis patron saint of the town, continuing arrive at Putre, capital of the province of Parinacota, reaching 18:30 hrs. You have time for dinner and accommodation location.
Day 2: 08:00 Breakfast, after that we begin our second day of Tour entering the Lauca National Park, one of the most diverse parks in the north of Chile, we talk about the flora and fauna, we walks within the area the caves which were used as shelter by ancient hunters altiplano (9000 years) where you will see Vizcachas, Andean mice, birds and camelids Vicuñas, we will continue to the village of Parinacota with its church and bogs of Parinacota one of the most important ecosystems in this area, then we will see gaps Cotacotani, the Parinacota and Pomerape volcanoes arriving at lake Chungara where you can see the Andes mountains and fauna flamingoes, the giant coot and other birds, also in the way we see flames, alpacas, time for lunch, then continue to the hot springs of Jurasi to enjoy a relaxing bath with its healing waters, later we return to Putre, dinner and lodging.
Day 3: 7:30 breakfast continue to the national reserve vicunas, visited the small town of Ancota, the people of Guallatire with its active volcano, continue to the Salar de Surire where you can see three types of flamingos, and the amazing landscapes, we will have in the hot springs of Polloquere picnic where you can enjoy nature, after lunch we cross the place of salar of Surire direction of Colchane passing using of mucomucone, Arabilla, Enquelga, Isluga and other small villages, reaching Colchane 18:00 hrs. We had dinner and stayed.
Day 4: 07:30 Breakfast. After that began the fourth day of Tour visiting the town of Cariquima, and also a place where you can observe the columnar cactus, a special cactus in this area, on the road to the city of Iquique stopped at some old stone formations, well known as happy valley, then we will Chusmiza, where we can see more terraced fields, trails left by the Incas, then clothe the giant of Atacama the largest petroglyph in northern Chile, located in unita hill, continuing lunch in Huara and visit the national monument Salitre, Humberstone office, ending in the city of Iquique at 17:00 hrs.